We Import


Steel& UPVC casing

We supply steel casing for road bore casing, culvert and tunnel casing, water well casing, utility casing, drilling casing, and others. Our durable, reliable, strong, and surplus steel casing with a variety of styles, sizes, diameters, and grades are your primary solution.
We also also have strong and durable UPVC pipes with appropriate features which are suitable for all types of soil high resistance to chemical reaction and biological formation with easy installation/joining.


We have different types of pipes and fittings with various sizes and length. We have DCI fittings and pipes such as ductile iron fittings, double socket bend; all flange tees, T-type, elbow, coupling, union, nipple, reducer, and many others based on your interest
•We provide you the best G.S pipes, DCI pipes and fittings for water mains, reticulation systems, sewerage and drainage networks.


We supply different types of generators which are easy to use, maintain and durable such as Signal generator, Electric generator, Generator (circuit theory), Engine-generator, Gas generator a device, and Motor–generator.
We have portable and stand-by generators used for frequent, heavy-use and longer run times producing versatile power for home, outdoor projects or emergency.

Water Pumps

We have submersible pumps which are efficient, high in capacity, require very little maintenance and are generally very economical for wells.We have various types of submersible pumps such as bladder pumps, grinder pumps, well pumps, borehole pumps, fountain pumps, and utility pumps.